Credit Monitoring

At Westchester Credit Repair Pros, we provide a number of credit monitoring services to make sure that our customers are protected from the possibility of fraud and identity theft. Credit monitoring has provable value in protecting your credit from harm, and keeping in control of your financial wellbeing. Credit is incredibly important in terms of securing loans and credit cards, employment, insurance, and even rented properties – so you need to make sure that you have a firm grip on everything going on if at all possible. To make sure that you’re the one in command, use our credit monitoring services moving forward – you surely won’t regret doing so. More information is available just below with regard to credit monitoring in general, as well as our service provision specifically. Alternatively, if you have any questions, our customer service agents are available over the phone or online.

What is Credit Monitoring?

So, what exactly is credit monitoring, and how does it protect you and your credit in the long run? Put simply, credit monitoring is where a service like ours regularly checks and monitors your credit activity and related signals to ensure that no damage is being done by parties who shouldn’t have access to your information. We’ll monitor applications for new accounts and credit cards, access to your accounts from unrecognized devices, and access to your accounts from locations not typical for you. This kind of rounded monitoring means that if anything untoward is taking place, we’ll know for sure.

Immediate Notifications

Our credit monitoring service gives you access to immediate notifications of suspicious activity related to your credit. It’s entirely possible that some of these actions will be things that you’re actually doing yourself – like accessing your accounts from new devices or in unfamiliar locations – but having notifications to check that is in fact the case keeps you in control. Of course, if something malicious is taking place, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to deal with the situation before it develops into something even more serious.

Identity Theft and Fraud

Many people that suffer from identity theft and fraud choose to move forward with credit monitoring as part of their strategy. This is because once your details have been leaked, it might be easier for a third party to take out a line of credit in your name again. Naturally, this is the last thing that you want, so it makes sense that you’d invest in some additional monitoring to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Fraud and Hacking Incidents

The sad reality is that more and more people are having to make the decision to invest in credit monitoring and credit repair services now than ever before – and this is largely because the number of fraud and identity theft incidents are increasing too. Billions of dollars is lost to fraudsters every year as attacks continue to ramp up – if you don’t want to be one of the victims, you’d be smart to take out a credit monitoring service like ours to protect yourself.