Credit Building

Building up credit is a little bit like the ‘chicken or the egg’ problem – you need to take out lines of credit (like credit cards) to build up a credit history, but without lines of credit, how do you build up a credit history that shows you’re reliable? It’s a common problem for younger people, as well as people who are struggling to recover from bad credit histories. While this might feel like an unassailable situation, there’s no reason to panic. At Westchester Credit Repair Pros, we’re used to providing credit building expertise to our customers, and this is exactly what you need to get you back on the right path towards a healthier credit situation. If you’re struggling and in need of assistance, speak to our customer service team immediately to arrange a consultation.

What is Credit Building?

For people with a bad credit score, there’s usually two explanations. The first is that you don’t have any credit history, so there’s no evidence that you can be relied on to make good on your lines of credit when you get them. The second is that you have a credit history, and it demonstrates that you’re not a reliable person when it comes to managing your finances. Credit building is the process of improving your credit from a position of weakness. It might feel like you have very few options, but we’re masters of ferreting out the best opportunities for those who are in need of credit building, so you can rely on us.

Credit-builder Loans

One of the options that you have available to you is a credit-builder loan. While it’s typically difficult to find a lender willing to give you a loan with bad credit, there are certainly some lenders out there who are willing to make a deal – and even specialize in this kind of situation. They will offer you a loan with fairly harsh terms – the unfortunate nature of bad credit situations – which will help you to quickly improve your credit. We know the most generous lenders, and can help you to get the best terms possible with them.

Credit-builder Credit Cards

Another option that you should be looking at is credit-building credit cards. Regular, routine use of a credit card is an excellent way to demonstrate that you’re a reliable person when it comes to finances, but, as with loans, it can be hard to get one without a stronger credit history. There are credit cards out there available to people with poor credit, you just need to find them – something that we’re more than capable of helping you with.

History Proves Reliability

With your credit, there’s never going to be an instant fix. What lenders like to see is that you’re reliable. They want to give money to people that they feel sure will pay it back, and that can only be proven with a long term, reliable commitment to repayments. We can help you by setting you up to succeed, giving you great options to move forward with.