Business Credit Repair

Businesses need good business credit if they’re going to be successful. It’s pretty much impossible to operate on your own, you’re going to need the assistance of lenders, suppliers, and other businesses to succeed, but that will be near-impossible if you don’t have a good credit score. At Westchester Credit Repair Pros, we’re experts at business credit repair services, and more than capable of helping you to recover from a dodgy situation. If you feel that your commercial entity’s credit situation is a lost cause, don’t lose hope – we believe that we can turn around even the direst situations in a relatively short space of time. To get some more information on business credit, just read on below or speak to our customer service team (available over the phone or through our online contact form).

The Importance of Business Credit

Many people fail to realize just how critically important business credit is, and why you need to take decisive action to improve it if you’ve allowed it to get into a torrid condition. First and foremost, you’ll find it hard to do business with other entities – like vendors and suppliers – if you can’t prove that you’re a reliable business partner. That could easily halt your operations and devastate your profitability. If your credit is bad, you’ll also have to prepay for products and services more often, and be subject to harsh interest rates and credit terms from lenders – if they give you access to any lines of credit at all.

Working With Lenders

When you’re in a bad situation with your business credit score, you might think that you’re stuck, but there are measures that we can take to get you back on track. We’ll work with your existing lenders to alter your repayment options on existing debts. Lenders generally prefer to do this, and get some of what you owe them back, rather than receive nothing as your business goes bankrupt. We’ll also make sure that your lenders are reporting any account closures and repayments that you’re making to the credit agencies, as they’re not required to do this. Positive actions need to be reported to show that you’re a more dependable business operator than your credit score currently indicates.

Reshuffling Finances

If you have a bad credit score and unkempt finances, it’s critical that you re-examine your existing financial procedures to prioritize the elimination of your debt as quickly as possible. If you have any profit that you can spare, you need to channel it into relieving your debt and repairing your credit. We can assess your finances to help you to determine where you might be able to make inroads.

Assessing Credit Histories

Of course, it’s possible that your business credit report isn’t entirely accurate, and this is something that we can help with. We’ll make sure that your credit information doesn’t have any false reports or discrepancies that could be damaging your credit rating unfairly. Our credit repair service can’t eliminate accurate but damaging information – this is something that simply isn’t possible.